ARCHICULTURE is our long term project of children's spatioal awareness and developing architectural literacy and culture. It is being relized through different workshop modules - both continual and occasional.    
  Project was launched in January 2013. with winter school of architecture at Children's cultural center Majdan, called "City of Birds". After this succesfull first cllaboration, we decided to start contunual spatial education program  - ARCHICULTURE.    
  CURRENT EDITION OF ARCHICULTUREruns from March 6th to June 5th 2013.    
  These architectural workshops are coordinated with the school calendar. Each edition is designed around one of six core subjects:                                                    SPACE, SHAPE, TOOLS, MATERIAL. AMBIENCE, CITY.    
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  PROCES coordinates BINA educational programs since 2010. Each year, programs are tailored to follow BINA annual theme, and are traditionally realized each spring.    
  Through workshops within this public event, we try to directly include schools ie. whole classes as participants, in contrast to Archiculture programs, that are open for the interested individuals. In this way, we try to reach students who do not attend many extra curriculum activities.    
  Last BINA went a bit further with educational programs, including many high school students, with workshops organized in the schools. Traditionaly, we also work with primary schoolers.    
  more about BIINA educational programs >    
  Apart from continual programs, PROCES often designs occasional workshops and programs commissioned by museums, festivals or institutions - such as Architecture summer school at Petnica science center or "City of Birds".    
Proces educational architecture 2012 / 2013