PROCES participated in Architecture summer school in Petnica Science center as one of 5 mentor teams, working with students of architecture. Workshop titled "Petnica outdoor station" explored colleration of work and nature, as Petnica's dominant context.    
  Participating students: Nikola Tucović, Dragana Joksimović, Sofija Vučeta, Jelena Jerinić, Slobodan Jevtić, Duška Prodanović    
  Students came up with a project that brings scientists and nature closer together, but not in terms of work, but rather enjoyment.    
  Project offers a map of places in the surrounding natural environment to indulge in and designs that promote each place's main qualities. One of them - a giant web in wood - was actually built.    
  Summer school info:    
     Process and work results:    
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Proces educational architecture 2012 / 2013