OUR CITIES  is an international educational co-operation program , in which children from different parts of the world communicate with each other and exchange ideas. Project was initiated by the Spanish organization Arquikids. This year two cities involved are Belgrade and Barcelona!

  Through exploring the architecture and built environment of their own city, participants present and share their own culture with the children in different cities.This project aims to expand the knowledge of built environment and different cultures and their architecture and design.  
  Throughout a series of activities they will learn, play and study their own city, the different scales from an urban point of view to the house they live in. How do they describe their built environment? What kind of buildings, streets, parks?
They will exercise their imagination, test out ideas, explore new possibilities; developing new ways of thinking about the world around them. Big, small, noisy, smelly, etc. The five senses play an important role on their experience to define the environment.
  At the end of the workshop, the children are able to define and build their perception of the city and to exchange their experience with the other group. It’s an opportunity to describe the city that they live in and at the same time to find and know about a new one. They will be able to compare and discover similarities and differences between different cities.
Groups of children from different countries around the world join the same project in order to exchange their knowledge and learn about a new country and culture.
  WORKSHOP no. 1    
  First OUR CITIES workshop aimed at "Learning about each other".    
      We worked with the group of Serbian students in their primary school - Dragan Lukić in Belgrade.    
      We looked at maps, compared sizes and numbers about Serbia and Spain, Belgrade and Barcelona.    
      We experienced Barcelona by watching several videos, and then discussed similarities and differencies between the two cities.    
      We drew silhouettes of Belgrade for our Spanish friends with „Bienvenido en Belgrado“ sign.    
Proces educational architecture 2012 / 2014