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  In cooperation with museum's curators and pedagogues, we develop educational programs in accordance to their strategies and permanent or temporary exhibitions.   PROCES' long term goal is architecture "entering" schools through curriculum and extra curriculum activities. The first step is invitin schools to participate in our educational programs.   PROCES is often included in festivals and different manifestations, through designing programs tailored to the yearly theme of the event or the specific needs of the organizer, in terms of audience building.  
  Programs based on exhibitions   Schools we collaborated with so far:   Each year, we deliver this kind of service to Belgrade international architecture week - BINA, by coordinating and designing children's architectural workshops.  
  Muuseums in Serbia are becoming aware of how important it is to promote an exhibition through interactive programs, especially for the young ones. These workshops are based on a specific subject, for a limited period of time.   _OŠ Kralj Petar I                                                           _OŠ Drinka Pavlović                                                      _OŠ Kralj Petar II Karađorđević                                      _OŠ Ćirilo i Metodije                                                    _OŠ Borislav Pekić                                                      _OŠ Ivan Goran Kovačić                                              _OŠ Vladislav Ribnikar    
      more about BINA educational programs >  
  An example of this kind of educational program is a series of workshops realized within Belgrade city Museum's exhibition about a distinguished Serbian architect - "Bogdan Bogdanović":   _Arhitektonska tehnička škola, Beograd                          _Građevinska škola; Beograd                                    _Zemunska gimnazija, Beograd                                      _Tehnoart, Beograd          
  The exhibition opened in 2011. in Belgrade city museum's jewel building - Princess Ljubica's residence, and PROCES was invited to design workshops for different age groups.    
  We realized 4 workshop concepts, with a focus on youth, since the subject was a bit difficult to comprehend to children.    
  1. Post factum / student workshop / exploring possibilities of further conceptual evolution of the built monuments. High resolution posters can be downloaded here >    
    2. The gate / student workshop / contemporary (re)interpretation of the architect's lightmotive - a gate    
    3. Bogdanović in 3D / highchoolers workshop / three dimensional visualisation and free recomposition of the motives used on monuments    
      4. A Monument to life / primary schoolers workshop / small scale projects of the monumetns built for ordinary, everyday things omportant to children    
Proces educational architecture 2012 / 2013