February 2014.   ourcities    
  In cooperation with Spanish organisation Arquikids, and primary school Dragan Lukic from Belgrade, Proces is realizing architectural educational program OUR CITIES: Belgrade/Barcelona >    
  May 2013.   binabina    
  Already traditional, PROCES` cooperation with BINA / Belgrade international architecture week / continued this spring, with several workshop sessions for prime and high schoolers. We made scenography, movie and more >    
  April 2013.   bina    
  Proces participated in a first Children`s festival "Propeller" with a crafty architectural workshop "Make your own magnet". Children were keen on work and made loads of souvenirs for themselves and their loved ones >    
  February 2013.   archiculture    
  Proces is launching the first continual spatial education program called ARCHICULTURE in cooperation with Children'c cultural center Majdan. First edition of Archiculture starts on March 6th and will last for 14 weeks. Archiculture in detail >    
  January 2013.            
  During the winter break in schools, Proces realized a six day educational program called "City if birds". Children explored variations of an architipical bird house, mada their own models for a specific bird. At the end, we had a little party for children and parents. City of birds in detail >    
      October 2012.   archi play    
      Proces has launched brave new brand of playful educational tools with architectural twis - archi PLAY. These products develop spatial thinking and creative problem solving ability. Find out more about archiPLAY >    
      september 2012.            
      During the last week of September, Proces participated in Architecture summer school in Petnica Science center as one of 5 mentor teams, working with students of architecture. Our workshop "Petnica outdoor station" explored possibilities of experiencing nature. Read more >    
      August 2012.            
      New video / "Walking city" workshop, within BINA 2012. realized at Belgrade culture center. Video by: Hristina Tošić i Dejan Todorović, architecture students.Take a look at other programs for Belgrade architecture week >     
      July 2012.            
      Exciting new project for "Save the Children" - Proces has been invited to design and craft an interactive model / map to be used during the work with children seeking azylum. Method author: Maša Avramović, video by: Nana Radenković i Andreja Mirić    
      June 2012.              
      Founders of Proces joined UIA's "Architecture and children" work group in Vienna, consisting of national representatives around globe. We will try to incorporate other organisations' experiences into our own educational practice.      
Proces educational architecture 2012 / 2013