PROCES' efforts towards stimulating spatial awareness and curiosity in children, as well as developing their architectural, esthetic and technical literacy are delievered through three lines of work:     self initiated projects     archiPLAY educational tools     commissioned work

  One of our main directions in work is initiating projects and collaborations with partner organizations. After several years of work on short term projects and commissions, PROCES launched ARCHICULTURE - continual spatial education program.    
  ARCHICULTURE is designed for primary schoolers and is being realized through thematic series of workshops adjusted to the school calendar. Project is realized in cooperation with Children's cultural center Majdan in Belgrade.    
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  Through designing educational programs and workshops, as well as through our own parenting experience, we developed considerable number of tools and methods for developing children's spatial thinking and awareness. Thus, we relized, the span of our work could potentially be expanded towards production.    
  The result is launching of PROCES' brand of educational tools- arciPLAY.    
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  PROCES is often commissioned by public institutions of culture and education, to design a program based on current exhibitions, thematic manifestations or their own wider educational projects.  
  These, usually short term projects, are always focused on the issue of space, interactivity and direct audience involment.  
  Some of the institutions we were commissioned by are Belgrade society of architects, Belgrade city museum, Children cultural center Majdan, Center for promotion of science, Belgrade's children cultural center, Faculty of architecture, Petnica science center, Save the children.  
Proces educational architecture 2012 / 2013