BINA 2013. / "Revealing architecture" offered various programs organized by different organizations, again slightly more inclined to high school audience.    
  Process was in charge of 3 workshop series - "City scenography" for primary schoolers and "Animated architecture" and "Six urban hats" for high schoolers. Younger ones made scenography that the older ones used later for animating a movie. The other group of high schoolers had an opportunity to excersize Six hats technique in a discussion format on public spaces.    
  This year's BINA programes brought us new cooperation - with Marija Milanovic Lazarevski, animated movie director, who led the "Animated architecture" workshops, and also ngo Ministry of Space, who presented "Watch this space: Designing, Defending and Sharing Public Spaces" brochure.    
  Titled "Energy of the City", last Belgrade architecture week was an exploration poligon for a new educational approach - working with youth, in their high schools. Architecture entered several Belgrade high schools through a series ow "Creative use of the city" workshops and "Architectural stories" themed disscusions.    
  Traditionally, Proces designed two workshop modules for children - "Animated city" and "Walking city". Older primary schoolers explored city through layers of both objective and subjective experience, while younger ones created their own houses and took them for a walk creating spontaneous little settlements.    
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      For this year's theme "Sustainable / Unsustainable" we designed two different workshop concepts dealing with subjects of responsibility, long term planning and renewable energy. Younger kids participated in a " I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house down" workshop, inspired by the story of Three little pigs. They built houses both with weak and strong materials, testing them and discussing the more sustainable approach.    
      The older pirmary schoolers did serious work of creating their own wind power plant and producing electricity to light up the bulb from the energy of wind. Workshop aimed at introducing the idea of renewable energy to children through a real time simulation.    
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      Focused on a subject of housing, this year workshops gave children an opportunity to explore differen housing types, lifestyles and their relation to architecture. The end results were their own little units, adjusted to the needs and wishes of a child.    
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