ARCHICULTURE  is a program of series of architectural workshops aimed at developing children's spatial thinking and awareness, as well as creative problem solving.    
  These abilities, otherwise neglected in school system, are developed through direct communication between children and young architects and work on their own little projects. This way, children become spatialy and architecturaly literate, so we can hope that in future, they treat their environment with respect.    
  AGE: 7 - 14
TIME SPAN: 14 weeks – from March 6th to June 5th.
WHEN: Wednesdays 19 – 21h
LOCATION: Children's cultural center Majdan, Kozjačka 3-5, Belgrade
  WE ACCEPT 20 participants                                                                                      APPLICATION and more info:                                                                          +381.63.8308.128 - Biljana Branković  
  Main subject of the first edition of ARCHICULTURE is SPACE..    
  First 8 weeks, children will explore the phenomenon through practical work, that involves a lot of manual work, differen materials, models and structures. We will try to understand how do we experience space. What kind of space is good for living in, working or playing? How do we act in different spaces? How do we move and orientate in space?How are spaces designed for children different from spaces meant for adults? In what ways does space influence us?    
  Last 6 weeks are dedicated to children's own visions of space. Program will be closed by an exhibition of children's projects.    
  While working with children on tasks and small projects, we focus on process rather than the result. Furthermore, we encourage children to seek for multiple answers and possible solutions, in contrast to correct answers pursued at school. For us, it is of major importance that the childrn understand that there are no mistakes in creative process, but only chances for learning and development. This way, children feel free to explore and accept creative challenges.  
  Through engagemnt in architectural workshops, children develop:          _Fine and gross motor skilss                                                                          _Attention and concentration                                                                              _Spatial thinking and orientation                                                                 _Tendency towards research                                                                             _Creative problem solving                                                                             _Technical and esthetic literacy and culture              
      Take a look at the first program realized within ARCHICULTURE project / "City of Birds", in January 2013. also at Majdan.  
      Find out more about "City of birds" program >              
Proces educational architecture 2012 / 2013