These toys were designed to develop spatial awareness, creative problem solving and abstract thinking. Architects and pedagogues developed it through serious play :)    
  Creative building set of 44 elements offers endless research and play possibilities. Interlocking wooden plates into various spatial structures stimulates motorics, logical thinking and creative problem solving.    
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  archiGRAFFITI   gr  

Set of six wooden chalkboard houses of various shapes - a toy to use over and over again for playing and endless creating of children imaginery houses.

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    archiPATTERN   archiPATTERN  
    Creative development drawing set of three different groups of shapes. Child  practices creativity through combining simple contours into complex images, abstract or realistic. We offer the set in wood and plexiglass.    
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    archiVILLE_wood   archiVILLE_wood  
    6 different wooden houses play set. Suitable for open-ended play, learning balance by building a leaning tower and solving visual puzzles, it helps develop gross motor skills, perception and concentration.    
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      Editable cardboard house used for free play of "little architects". It offers children an opportunity to explore different ways of changing the house's shape and it's visual and spatial identity.  
Proces educational architecture 2012 / 2015